Students will gain a rigorous liberal arts education emphasizing literacy across the curriculum, accelerated math and science, work-based learning, and a supported entry to college and work.

Ninth grade students will take a class in career explorations, and apply to enter one of our career pathway programs at the end of the year. Students in grades 10–12 will take specialized classes and certifications in either health care, nonprofit management or education. Students will learn to meet the challenges of a changing world by working with others to address the needs of their own communities. Students who wish to stay for our competitive Associate degree programs in Nursing or Community Health will gain access to a free, direct pathway to some of the most in-demand professions in New York City.

Career Pathways

There are lots of great high schools in New York City. But at HERO High, we offer opportunities you can’t find anywhere else. Learn about the different paths that a HERO student could take through high school, college, and into a career! 


If you’ve always wanted to become a doctor or a nurse, this pathway is for you. Students will pursue an accelerated academic program that includes high school classes in public health and college classes that are prerequisites for nursing and medical school. You can stay for our free, supported Associate degree programs in nursing and community health and prepare to start your career at age 20!

Arts Management

If you love the arts but want to learn about the business side, this pathway is for you. You can take classes in theater, dance, visual arts, or music while learning about how to run an organization that brings art to the people.

Nonprofit Management

If you want to end racism, improve education and healthcare, or protect the environment, and want to create a successful career, this pathway is for you. Learn how to change the world while preparing to enter one of New York City’s largest and most powerful sectors.


If you want to become a teacher or work in a school, this pathway is for you. Students will receive specialized training in instruction, child development and restorative justice while working paid internships in local schools and after-school programs.